Temperature sensor with THR316D

I use a water temperature sensor with a THR316D. The temperature readings are not constant but intermittent although i check with my internet router that my THR316D has always an excellent connection. What could be the reason ? Should i change the sensor ?

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I have the same with th10 since 2/3 days

How often are the temperature readings updated?

It is irregular. Sometimes it reads the temperature for many hours then stops reading for an hour or 2

Does the temperature still not update after refreshing the page or re-entering the App?

Sometimes when i close and open app it refreshes other times still doesn’t

Would you please submit a feedback ticket on the App?

Hello, have the same issue.
Firmware version 1.1.0.
If no improvement by summer I have to replace because can’t trust it to control the circulation pump of my thermal solar panels.
Also I can’t show the temperature measured with the THR316D in my NS panel
In general I like the local indications with such sensors, but reliability and integrability need to improve.
Hope 2023 will bring news and updates🎉

I have the same problem