The device can’t register

The device sonoff pror2 offline.I followed the step to connect wifi,but the process was always stopped at “Registing device “(see pix).I also try another way to pairing the device,but can’t find the wife ITEAD-xxx.

Hi there. We check that your device is already online, has it been paired successfully?

Yes,the device works.Thanks.

**Hi. I have had this problem. Sometimes simply coming back and trying later may help. But you may have a different problem - You may have a WiFi network problem. We users have a habit of just adding more and more IoT devices without thinking. I recommend you do this:

  1. Look up your router’s specs and see the total number of devices that the router or node will allow on your router. You may have a exceed device count problem.

  2. Count every single IP item that you have on your WiFi side. Both 2.4 and 5.0 You can use the free tool called Fing to help you count. Remember, just because it not at the house, you still must count it, - it using a “reserved” space. Maybe your wife or child’s laptop/tablet is not there all the time. But sounds like your network is “full” when you are trying to join/register this one.

Of course registration problem also might be the server where that device is trying to register, but we need to routinely review our device count.

I had devices falling off/ going offline over and over. Same 10 or so. I did a count, I had exceed the limit my new eero 6 allows. Each node is 75, and you can’t reassign them yourself. So, I had to replace the mesh with a larger capable mesh.