All DW2 WI-FI sensors going offline

This evening all my DW2 WI-FI sensors are offline, I even add a new DW2-WI-FI senzor, with succes, but this new added sensor is allso offline. Please verify what is hapening, ah and allready reset my router and all the other devices are fine!

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6 DW2 WI-FI off line, more problems again… :-((

I hope you are opening tickets?

Country: Greece

Today 3/3 of DW2 devices went suddenly offline(only DW2 sensors have the issue for my case,other sonoff devices are working properly until now) ,
The DW2 devices blinks twice per second,that means problem to register with the main ewelink servers
No network configuration -topology changed from my side

[eWeLink]Your feedback has been received and a ticket with ID178505

All devices DW2 are offline.
DW2-L are working but all DW2 are not.
The have IP access to my router but they cannot connect to the sonoff cloud.
I have 7 DW2 devices and all are offline.
I have 5 Dw2 devices and all are working fine.
Any prediction, please, to get this solved?

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@sonoff support

I have an open ticket without response until now(i don’t have received id) they past almost 24hours this occurred since yesterday and all customers they don’t have any update regarding the problem.

Yes you are right DW2 WI-FI L is online regardless the other earlier type DW2 wich are not.

I have the same issue in Hungary. All my 17 device are offline since yesterday. It is too bad, that I have not read this topic earlier. I have tried to replace the batteries, reset my router, replaced with an other one, connected to a different ISP, tried a different cewelink account, etc.
I have spend so much time, for nothing. :rage:

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Same problem here in the netherlands, all dw2-wifi sensors offline from saturday.

Hope the problem will be fixed soon.


From Portugal, all DW2-Wi-Fi are back to normal during today’s after.
Thanks Sonoff staff for have this issue solved.
It would be nice hear from you what caused this. Thanks

The problem was solved just for one day. The server is down again, and the sensors are offline just like before.

Mine are all online!

Also here, all working normally (Portugal)

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Yes they are working now, it could be some other issue. Sorry for missleading


From the Philippines here. Mine also went offline. The page app wont load (failed. Try again later). Scenes won’t load as well so you are out of control.

i have same problem too.
all of my sensors offline !!!

Hi there, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re sorry to hear that you’re having trouble with your all sensor devices being offline. We suggest that you submit a support ticket through the eWeLink App so that our support team can gather more detailed data to help locate the problem. This will enable us to provide a better solution to you.


I have the same issue. Sensors go offline, and even trigged is don’t wake up. The DW2-Wi-Fi-L sensors are useless. Please help.


Hi There,
same issue with 7 devices DW2 WiFi, just open a tkt #186707 with the list of the devices that are not able to join the server.