Sonoff DW2 Wifi always keep disconnect

My DW2 often disconnects from the wifi connection. When disconnected, reconnect and the next day still disconnected again. How to solve it? The connection from router not too far.

How long have you been using this smart sensor? You can bring this to the manufacturer or seller’s attention. It seems a hardware connection issue.

HI All

Same issue here.

5 devices working perfectly until yesterday. now all offline and cant get them to reconnect.

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It might be that your WiFi is limited to a certain number of devices. Like my ISP is set to 5 devices per user account .
Buy and plug a non SIM card WiFi router on your ISP router on the ethernet port then connect all your devices on a new WiFi router .

Since a few days ago I’m facing the same problem…

I have some sensors that show the same behaviour. Mine are either WiFi low power sensors or Zigbee ultra low power sensors. The Zigbee sensors with that behaviour have generally (2032) batteries. They tend to wake a few times a day to transmit and immediately after return to sleep.

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