DW2-WIFi-L battery drain

Hi all.

There is a problem of battery drain with my all 6 DW2-WIFI-L. I have to change the batteries each 15 days.
I use Duracell Plus batteries, not a noname ones.
I think a firmware update could solve this problem.
Best regards.

It’s typical for battery operated WiFi sensors. Any WiFi sensor. Upgrading firmware will not help. Go for Zigbee.

When the sensor got triggered a lot then it will drain more battery power. As it is the WiFi version it will drain the battery quickly. A Zigbee door sensor is way better optimized for this purpose.

Not true. Power drain is constant since any WiFi sensor maintains connection all the time. The weaker the signal, the greater the energy consumption. This is why WiFi sensors located away from access points sometimes drain batteries in 2-3 days.

The DW2 goes into deep sleep mode until the reed switch got triggered again. Then it wakes up, connects to WiFi, sends the trigger signal to the cloud and goes back into deep sleep.
Otherwise I guess the batteries will be drained in only a few hours. :joy:

My router says otherwise.

It’s not true. It doesn’t matter if the sensor is 10 meters or half a meter away from the router. Battery life is the same. I tried it.

Curious electric. Clearly there are other laws at work in your area :sunglasses:

I didn’t mention distance. I talked about the powersaving of the DW2.

i have 2 of these and i change batteries maybe every 3 months or so. they get triggered around 5-10 times daily (main door and balcony door)

annoying part is i dont receive any low battery notifications, i just change them when it fails to trigger my scenes.