DW2-wifi notification

i need the app to notify me, just when the door sensor still open after some minutes, and not when it opens and close, someone can help me?
can it be, at ewelink or alexa

The sensors are battery-powered, and to do so would significantly increase the frequency of status reporting from the sensors and increase power consumption.

But we will study to see if there is a way to achieve this, which is really useful scenario.

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Could you monitor last known state rather than monitor the sensor?

If XXX (open/closed) for X (+/-) MIN / SEC send Push Notification.

Quick thoughts, no tech evaluation yet, maybe there are two ways to achieve this, the first is based on the cloud side and the second is based on the device itself, we will go deeper to see if it is possible, but for Zigbee end-devices, the big considering is the power consumption.

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Hi folks, we have implements a new feature ON new version of DW2-WIFI called “continuous status reminder”, with which will send you a notification if the sensor remains open for setting time, find this feature in the device setting page and let me know how it’s going, cheers.


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How can we try this in a next app update?

“continuous status reminder” don’t show on the setting page?

No here I don’t have that option

And where can it be found? I have 3x DW2-Wi-Fi, but I couldn’t find this option anywhere either (in the Device settings there is only Push message and Logs). One device is without specified manufacturer with FirmWare OPL-DMA-GL version 1000.2.924 (does not offer newer) and 2x SONOFF, both have FW OPL-DMA-GL version 1000.2.925. I have eWelink 4.24.0.

This is a new feature only available for NEW version of DW, the old versions are limited by the chipsets which still need time to dig deep to see if it is possible to deploy the feature with a firmware migration.

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It works!
i am using this setup, to the app, just notify me when i left the door garage opened for more than five minutes.
and not notify me after each open or close action.


Can you tell me what the new version of the DW2 is? Is there a model or FW number? Mine are DW2-Wi-Fi using FW OPL-DMA-GL. If I try to buy replacements to get this feature what model am I looking for? Thank you.

The model is DW2-WiFi-L and the feature is present regardless of FW version, and yes is the latest version of the DW2-WiFi.

Does this latest version use the CR2032 battery?

Does this latest version use the CR2032 battery or still “AAA”?

No it uses 2 AAA. Only the Zigbee sensor uses 2032 baytery.

Thank You!

This new feature, “continuous status reminder”, will send notification only once or every interval of selected time?

It’s really useful if allows periodical notification.
Thank you

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It would be useful if the door sensor could learn this through the firmware and use it. But it has been long enough and there is no new firmware. In addition, for one sensor of an unknown manufacturer, I have firmware OPL-DMA-GL version 1000.2.924 and it says “Latest version” - another newer one does not download, while on the other 2 directly from SOnOff I already have OPL-DMA-GL version 1000.2.925 and also nothing???