Window and door sensor stays open for X minutes

Hello all!

I was wondering if it is possible to have an extra choice for door and window sensors like DW2 for example.

I have three garage doors at work and I want: If door is open more than 10 minutes then trigger the sonoff relay to close it.
If windows are open more than 5 minutes then turn off the AC
if a door or windows is open more than 30 minutes send a notification etc

Is it possible? Thanks!!!

Let’s put them on the request list @natalia.long.

And yes, the delay status of the DW should be supported as a trigger of the scenes, for now notification of opening remains for X minutes is available.

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Just create 2 scenes.
Scene 1:

window open

wait 5 minutes
AC off

Scene 2:

window closed

AC on

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Thanks for the advice but I dont ask that.

I want if a window is open for 5 minutes (continuously) then the AC goes off
If I close the door at 4 minutes for example, I want the AC keeps ON

That is very impoirtant for me for the garage doors when someone goes out and forget to close it. This is happening everyday at work…

Actually, the " continuously" feature is quite difficult for sensors, cuz the no-stop status report need stable power supply while the sensors are mostly battery powered.

Not done this is consideration of quickly consuming of the battery and it’s hard to get the status continuously, and the sensors are designed to report status changes.

The compromise solution is to call the API with certain rules, like at
one minute
tow minutes
three minutes

up to ten minutes I thinks, not endless

it’s more like a status request at time point, not continuously, so it’s not accurate as expected.

Two or three years ago I dont remember I had window and door sensors by Xiaomi. They had the feuture “opened for over 5 minutes” and they are battery powered sensors also. Now they have the feature just for 1 minute.

The only I can think for now is something like this

Scene 0 (ENABLED)
-If sensor is open
-Enable Scene 1

Scene 1 (DISABLED)
-If sensor is open
-delay 5 minutes
-Close the garage door

Scene 2 (ENABLED)
If sensor is close
Disable Scene 1

For some reason it doesnt work. I guess because the sensor is already opened when Scene 1 is enabled?