DIY alarm via ewelink

Hello i want to make an alarm in a door with door sensor. The scenario is that when a door is open for more than 10 secs trigger a device for alarm.
The problem is that if the door is open less than 10 secs i dont want to trigger the alarm. So a make a second scene with the sensor closed that deactivates the open mode, but the counter keeping counts so the device will triggered besides the door is close an the scene is deactivated.
Is there any solution in ewelink app that can i solve this?

Hi there, based on your description, it seems that achieving this functionality solely using the eWeLink app might not be possible.
When you create a scene in the app with a trigger condition of the door sensor being open and a delay of 10 seconds, and with another device’s state change as an execution condition, the scene is saved as a time-based task on the server. Once the trigger condition is met, the scene will execute automatically, and currently, it cannot be interrupted by events that occur during the 10-second delay.