For order in eWeLink app

I suggest adding the order FOR in order to specify how much time it needs before run some device or some scene
For example
In a garage door in order to avoid any chance for opening the door by some miss click
It need to create a scene in which the garage door if it’s open for 10minutes to close automatically
This scene can’t create in eWeLink app
Does anyone has any idea how could be done

Something like hold X seconds to action?

you have to update firmware th Elite that not to show the humidity when the sensor does not have this function - - - % the th10/16 hid when the sensor had no humidity

I believe @alexandros727 means something like:
Only perform action y if condition x is true

In this case automatically set the garage door to off / close when the state is on / open and hasn’t been changed manually in the past 10 minutes.