More improve suggestions from advanced user

I have seen:

  • In ANDROID APP when deleting an element in scene, is very very difficult press RED circle.

  • Posibbility to reorder scenes, in ANDROID APP and EWELINK WEB

  • In EWELINK WEB, devices under RF bridge are not SHOWN when creating scenes

  • As said before, TH10/16 being included in scenes

  • DELAY more than 59 min 59 seg

  • OFFSET more then 30 min

Thank you very much for sharing your experience with us. May I know why you need more time for Delay and Offset?

You have to give the option for more delay. user will use the delay needed. You can NOT put a delay after other delay, so delays over 1 hour are not possible. The same for offset. let user choose the time

Definitely need to make option to reorder scenes and actions in them

Hi there, thank you for the suggestions!
1. It needs to optimize the UI. I will make the suggestion to the team.
2. Reordering the triggers or actions is already on the list, will consider putting them a higher priority.
3. Would you please provide me with the device ID? Because different device types need to be integrated into eWeLink Web one by one, let me check if they are supported on eWeLink Web or not.
4. We optimized part of the power of TH 10/16 in scenes, now they can be set as one of the actions. The next step is to make them can be set as trigger and action at the same time. Please stay tuned with us.
5. Need to choose Delay more than 59 min: 59 s, can you tell us what the actual application scenario of this requirement is?
6 OFFSET more than 30 min-- can you tell us what the actual application scenario of this requirement is?

4. We optimized part of the power of TH 10/16 in scenes, now they can be set as one of the actions???
I am not able to do that

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Not able in ewelink web interface

I second the delay timer needs to have hours too. A few scenes I have I want a light to turn on for 2 to 6 hours and it’s very annoying to do all the programming, on delay off on delay…… just to get it to stay on. Plus light flashes every hour.

loops@natalia.long for evaluation.

Yes Please Allow the reordering of AUTO SCENES or AUTOMATIONS. So they can br grouped together. It is very confusing when you have many of them. You have to scroll up and down alot. I would really appreciate this to added to next app update for android or ios
Thank you

Hi, I need a longer delay (more than 59 minutes) as well. I connect the socket to a clothes dryer and I need to leave it for 4 hours once I turn it on. Come on guys

Hi there, actually you can create an Alexa routine in Alexa App. In Alexa App, you can set delay(it’s called Wait in Alexa) as long as 4 hours.

In eWeLink, the delay period is stored in the hardware. Due to its capacitiy limitation, we won’t be able to expand longer delay.

I got a solution guys!
Create a duplicate automatic automation.

For example: you already have an automation at 11pm that turns a light off.


Create a duplicate automation that does exactly the same thing and call it “dummy”.

Now go to your automation that requires a delay > 1hour.

Create it with:

Action: add action with whatever you beed
Delay 1hr
Action: add action > smart scenes > enable/disable auto scenes > select your dummy automation > enable

Now add as many 1h delays as you want and always add again the dummy automation after!

I need a light to go on 4hours, then turn off.

Action: turn light on
Delay 1 hr
Dummy automation: enable
Delay 1hr
Dummy automation: enable
Delay 1 hr
Dummy automation: enable
Delay 1 hr
Action: turn the light off

You are welcome guys

You always can put a 1 hour delay after that puta an action that dies nit anything after that another 1 hour delay etc

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Great job!!

Your answer is correct but be careful:
Let’s say you want to have an automation that turns on a light, waits 4 hours and turns it off.

You may do:
Turn light on
Wait 1 hr
Turn light on
Wait 1hr

But: if you manually (via app or pushing the socket button) switch off the light after 2 hours, your automation will turn it back on!

So the “useless” action that must be taken shouldn’t interfere with an eventual user input. That’s why I came out with the other solution.

If course you have to create a useless action for using in every scenes you need long delay…

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Hi Peter. This is Not correct. I cannot use a Smarthome device as Trigger in Alexa. So maybe "If Wallswitch… On then wait … ’ Does Not work

Hi thomas, after adding Wait to the Action, did you add another option? You need to add actions like:
Action > Wait > e.g. 2 hours 15 minutes 10 seconds
Action > Smart Home > Plugs > S31 socket > Off

Otherwise, there is no action for Alexa to execute as you know, Wait only works as a timer here.