Issue - delay duration in smart scenes not respected

Dear Forum,

For the past two days I have encounter serious problems with my automation…… without changing anything in the logic of my smart scenes the delay duration started varying very much, for multiple scenes and devices. Just to give you an example, instead of a light staying on for 10 min when presence is detected by a sensor, it stays on for 3/4/7 min, or even seconds and after if switches to off.

Again, in the past the same automation logic worked very well.

Please help!

Probably an error on the cloud side again… The only thing you can do is send a ticket to support through the application.

How can I raise the ticket :)?

It’s probably a variable time from detecting motion to detecting no motion. Do you have an eWeLink Cube capable device? (iHost or NS Panel Pro).

I am facing the same problem

Anyone knows how to open a ticket, please?

Issue is getting bigger ….i have now devices which are tuning on “triggered by scenes”, but there was no scene running at the time they were switched on….

At the moment when I am writing these words, I have not yet observed a similar situation. Although it’s possible that it will happen…

From the point of view of an ordinary user, we will not do anything about it because it is simply impossible. The only thing you can do is write to support and report the situation, maybe someone will read it and move on.

The only thing I can add is that in case of an emergency, rebuild your automation ecosystem from ewelink to and pair your ewelink account. This is not a perfect solution, but at least to some extent it will work even when the ewelink cloud is getting stupid.