Motion sensors - reset the delay timer

Can you make it so that there is an option to reset the delay when motion is detected.

For example, I have a scene where the light automatically goes in when I enter the room. The scene contains a delay of 5 min, then it turns the light off. If you have been in the room a little while and exit the room, but if someone else enters the room just after you have been there. Then the lights can go off while that person enter/are in that room. Same thing if you enter the room and stay there longer than the delay timer.

Yes, of course I can just extend the delay timer. But it isn’t preferable as I want the light to go off when there is no activity there.

So, if you could create an option so that the delay time resets when “new” activity is registered in that room during that time that would be great. I would find far more use and options for the motion sensor with that perk.


I have about the same problem. I go into the restroom, the light turns on by the door sensor. the light turns off after 10m and if during these ten minutes someone else enters the toilet, the light will turn off at the most unpleasant moment. And all because there is no timer reset for opening / closing the door sensor.

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