Motion sensors - reset the delay timer

Can you make it so that there is an option to reset the delay when motion is detected.

For example, I have a scene where the light automatically goes in when I enter the room. The scene contains a delay of 5 min, then it turns the light off. If you have been in the room a little while and exit the room, but if someone else enters the room just after you have been there. Then the lights can go off while that person enter/are in that room. Same thing if you enter the room and stay there longer than the delay timer.

Yes, of course I can just extend the delay timer. But it isn’t preferable as I want the light to go off when there is no activity there.

So, if you could create an option so that the delay time resets when “new” activity is registered in that room during that time that would be great. I would find far more use and options for the motion sensor with that perk.


I have about the same problem. I go into the restroom, the light turns on by the door sensor. the light turns off after 10m and if during these ten minutes someone else enters the toilet, the light will turn off at the most unpleasant moment. And all because there is no timer reset for opening / closing the door sensor.

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What is the point of having an Ewelink forum when you dont answer the threads?

Possible Solution, toilet scenario.

  1. turn on light once motion present.
  2. turn off light after X min motion disappeared.
  3. Protect to turn off light if subject fall a sleep for X min inside.
  4. Protect to turn off light if subject 1 left when light still on and subject 2 came in for another session.

Scene 1 (ON): if motion, turn light on forever.
Scene 2 (passive scene or manual): if no motion, turn light off. (will be triggered by scene 3).
Scene 3 (ON): wait X min and if still no motion trigger Scene 2.

Checking in the real environment now.

Scene 3 (ON): wait X min and if still no motion trigger Scene 2.

How should I configure this scene in Ewelink? It is not possible to use a timer as a condition for activating a scene.

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It would be easy solved just including the delay funtion in the condition an not only in the action. Please, could you include delay option as a condition?


I do it like this:
active “toilet” scene

if rf trigger “toilet”

then action:

manual “toilet” scene

manual “toilet” scene:
if tap to run
smart dev “toilet” on
delay 30 sec
smartdev toilet off

If the motion sensor in the toilet detects movement within 30 seconds, the light will never go out because the manual scene is “reset” from the beginning each time it is called. It works for me until I fall asleep on the toilet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Oh, I did it differently in one Sonoff mini and it also works OK. I set the “pulse setting” to 3 minutes and trigger the automatic scene:

RF trigger “movement”
smart dev “mini” on

it works the same, each motion detection resets the “mini” hardware timer to three minutes.

Can you explain each scene you’ve done fully as I don’t understand. I’ve tried activating the tap to runs on delay and resetting them but they never do.

I also have the same problem where there is no way to reset the timers and lights go off at the wrong times. I’m giving up on this soon and going with a different brand.

Inching helps and it resets timer but if there is already motion in the sensors it will not turn lights back on… and zigbee devices don’t support inching

What bridge/app are you using? I don’t see a pulse setting

I do it this way:

Scene 1
IF Motion detected
Light ON

Scene 2
IF No motion detected
Light OFF

When someone leaves the room, the light stays on for about 1 min.

I am sending screenshots of the scenes I use in this way: there are three conditions for triggering the light outside the house (opening the door, and two motion sensors). Each of these conditions triggers a manual scene. If I leave the house in the evening and within three minutes I am within range of one of the sensors, the light will not turn off. I hope this helps and that’s what it was about, because talking through a translator can be… troublesome :wink: I use RF Bridge.