Timer as a feature in scenes options

Hello i believe that would be perfect if we have a timer as a separate feature in the app at scenes. It would be usefull also the timer to be triggered to start counting or reset the time. I will explain what I mean with an example for a case with an alarm by a door sensor.

Scene 1:
If the door sensor opens start the timer counting.
Scene 2:
If the timer is on when passed X secs trigger a device1.
Scene 3:
If the door sensor closed turn off device1, disable scene 1, reset timer.

This could solve many problems that need the delay on feature which is mentioned in many users applications.

I think “olisto” has a similar feature.

It would be perfect to discuss how to improve the idea.

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Hi there, the idea of adding a counting timer to the Scene sounds really interesting. More flexibilities! Our team will do a further research for this. Thank you for the idea!

I want to create a scene with the delay feature. The delay however has to be in the IF condition not in the action. Like for example.
If device is ON for more than 10 seconds trigger a push notification. In this case the trigger is done only if both conditions are met.

Keep on the discussion.

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In fact, when you add Delay to the action, the result is the same. This situation would be, if the device is ON, wait for 10 seconds, and then you will receive a push notification.

Dear Peter,

I used what you recommended, i.e doing the delay in the action. However this is not the feature required.
In the case you suggested the push notification is actioned once there is a change in the IF condition and after the delay in action. However if the IF condition becomes to the previous state the push notification is still received.

The feature I am asking is like a time monitor of a contact status. I want to receive a push notification if the status of the contact is on or off for a time period. If not, the push notification is not shall not be actioned.

Hope that you understand this.
Keep in touch.

Gotcha, thank you so much for the explanation. It makes sense to do so. I’ve noted it down and will discuss it with our tech team later.

Dear Peter,

Thanks for taking this into consideration. I would name this a contact status time monitor.
I will use this application using the sonoff mini input contact. Like for example, if I wire a push button to the input mini and want to monitor the timing. If it is longer than 5 seconds then send me an alarm, which means that something is abnormal. There can be other applications.

Keep me posted.

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Hi. It would be great to have a delay under the if condition. Please could you include it? I need it to add a condition to turn off a light. If no body is moving for 5 minutes then off the light.

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We plan to implement it device by device and it requires coordination with the hardware side. May I know what devices you’re using if you want to set up such a scene with delay in condition?

The main problem with all delays is that the timer doesnt reset.
For example i want to make an alarm with minir2 and a wired door sensor connected to the external contact. I want after 10secs of opening to trigger an alarm device.
If it opens for 10 secs its ok, because after closing the door the alarm stops. But if the door closes before 10 secs, the timer is keeping counting so it triggered with the door closed, and cant stop.

Gate and Door sensor come to my mind immediately.
I dont want my little child or pet to go out unknowingly…

Thank you for the additional info. I’ll get back to you guys when there is any news.

This would be incredibly useful to me too…

My use case -
if no motion - for x minutes and x hours… then… switch device off…

idea in my example is in my lounge - when watching movie… if no motion for a long time - assume the room is empty, and shut things down… but I don’t want to shut things down after only 1 minute of no motion - since that gets irritating if I am just sitting still for a while watching things…

The same is true for using motion sensing in a place like the bathroom - its very possible that someone is sitting still for more than 1 minute - and then its irritating to have the light go off… but if there is no movement for a few minutes - and the light is in… it would be nice to switch off to save power…

or if its a room with a fan in it - if no motion for 30 minutes, switch the fan off… that leaves it running in places where people are coming and going without needing to switch things on and off hundreds of times…


I would like to have possibility to set loop timer in the scenes. Example:
I’m trying to use thermostat ti vontrol heating in my smokehouse. Simply putting the spiral ON ajd OFF is not working for me as it creates very unstable enviroment in terms of temperature.
I need the Spiral to go ON and OFF in intervals for example 1 minut whole time termostat is set to ON. Example below:

Temperature below 80°C

  • Turn thermostat ON for 1 min.
  • Turn thermostat OFF for 1 min.
    Repeat until temperature reach 80°C

This cannot be done now :frowning:

All of these reasons are perfect, do we have a solutions yet?
I am using homey pro 2023 and it is amazing for the flows, scenes, routines etc
issue is that eWeLink doesn’t play well with Homey Pro 2023, if that issue could be resolved it would be great, other than what I am being told by either manufacturer that it is down to the other and they should be requested to help resolve make the end user experience better, I have same issue with my echo show 10’s which have a zigbee 3.0 antenna built in so that all the zigbee 3.0 devices like the sonoff zbminil2 should be able to connect easily, right? well no that doesnt work either!
So any news guys on any of the issues?


For the Alexa issue, since I don’t have the 10-inch one, I tested a ZBMINIL2 with Echo Plus. It may take a couple of attempts to pair, but it should work.

Hello Ward

Yeah, issue is it works for a while then just drops out, I have bought a few echo show 10’s to be the ZigBee hubs not much good if I cant keep the items linked up :person_shrugging:t4:

Hey Harry,

How close is the device to your connected echo or nearby router? And what brands of Zigbee router devices do you have? We already know some routers like Aqara or Tuya’s plugs may not work as expected.

Hello Ward

It goes a little something like this :point_up:t4:

Image Sonoff Hubs & Switches v1.pdf (20.5 KB)

Do you have a device that can run Node Red (iHost, NS Panel Pro or Home Assistant on anything). If you do you can do this. When Apilio (Cloud storage that connects to IFTTT) was free you could also do this in the cloud.