Push Notification option in scene

I have a scene triggered by pressing an RF remote button but there is no built in feedback. I am using Olisto which triggers after I push the button and sends me a notification. Also I have set eWeLink web to send me an e-mail.

My suggestion is to add push notifications as an option in scene actions, replicating what Olisto does without needing two platforms.

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Manual scene doesn’t push notifications, because it is triggered by users like it called.

What about automatic scenes?

Thank you for adding this function to automatic scenes! It is not only quicker than doing it via Olisto but will make making scenes work much easier. I have made lots of errors in writing them.

One thing I have noticed is how often a push notification is sent.

For example if I have an electric heater turned on (Basic R2) triggered by motion (Zigbee) in the living room and someone stays in the living room it will keep triggering even though the heater is already on.

I thought maybe I could have it check the heater is off before activating the scene but a device cannot be both trigger and activator. I guess this makes sense or people would create loops.

Then I thought maybe I could have the scene turn itself off and then reactivate when the heater turned off.

Obviously this isn’t a major problem as the heater remains on, but seems a bit wasteful on your server and my internet connection. Only every few minutes but it is a bit silly. Have I not thought of a way to stop this happening?

Your case makes sense, we’ll look into this.
A temporary method is to create another auto-scene, when heater is ON then disable the Motion-Heater scene.
When heater is off then enable the Motion-Heater scene.
(I know this may also cause some problems like when you manually turn off the heater but stay in the room)