Motion detect light delay stopped working

After the app got more complicated the light scenes didnt work as it should.
I want a simple scene where a Motion detector triggers a switch to switch on the light. The light should be on for 5 mins before turning off, even If the Motion detector is triggered one or more times in the mean time.
This was easy to set up before, but now its difficult. How do i do this?

Thx :slight_smile:

Hi there, I am not sure if I get you correctly. The system should be designed to be triggered to keep the light on while detecting motion. Or it would be somehow strange to toggle off the light when you are still there.

Right now the system doesnt work the right way. If the detector has triggered the light to switch on it will turn it off again while we Are still the, because it detects us.
I want to set it up the right way, that it won’t turn off the light but keeps it on for 5 minutes no matter What.

Bridge: RF bridge ver 3.5.2
Switch: TX1C/TX2C
Motion detector: Pir 2 CT60M

Are you using a device with Node Red on it such as the iHost or NS Panel Pro?

I attempted to understand the problem you’re facing. I assume that you created a scene where the trigger is motion detection, and the action is turning on TX1C/TX2C. However, it seems that when the motion detector is activated, the light is turning off, isn’t it?

At first the Motion detector behave correctly, and switch on the lights.
But while we are in the room and we move so the detector detects us several times, it will turn off the lights again instead of follow the delay of 5 minutes.

What i tried:

detector triggered

light switches on
Delay 5 minutes
Light turns off

This doesnt work
Light turns off or switch on several times because we are still in the room and the detector detects us several times.

Clearly your motion in the room can’t overcome the scene triggering again and again, resetting the 5 minutes (presume set within the Inching setting).

Yes, I tried the inching setting set to 5 mins, but doesnt help.
What if I set the scene to only one thing in “then”.

If motion detector triggered
Then switch on the light.

The inching setting should do the rest?