Motion Sensor

Hello I have Woolley Motion Sensor with sonoff basic plug with sonoff a60 bulb. I have a problem with sensor i have made scenes but don’t know why it is not working please help.

Scene 1-> Motion sensor->motion detected Sonoff plug-> turn on
Scene 2 → sonoff bulb->turn on Sonoff plug->turn off

Whenever the sonoff plug goes off while switching on the bulb just after 2 min motion detect and sonoff plug is on . I just need to know if the bulb is on the motion sensor should not turn on the sonoff plug.

Are you saying that neither Scene 1 nor Scene 2 will execute?

This are my scenes actually my motion sensors detects motion when i walk in but i want my motion sensor to turn off when no motion detected. When i am sitting there walking it turns off the tubelight(Sonoff basic ) and again senses turn on the tubelight i want my sensor to sense again and again so that until i am there it won’t turn off.

Would you like the sensor to keep triggering to turn on the light as you enter the room instead of triggering intermittently?

Exactly i don’t want to keep shutting down the plug until i go out of the motion sensor