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Hello, I wanted to ask, I have the DW2-WI-FI, they work fine, I just don’t understand, how can they not be turned off? That is, if I connect it to the alarm, when I open the door, the alarm automatically sounds or the light turns on, etc., but I have no way to turn it off before opening the door or window, any suggestions? thank you

You do not switch off DW2 before opening the door. You disable (deactivate) the alarm before opening the door.

Of course, the ideal would be to be able to turn off the DW2. It would also be good for the battery to last longer, if it is only used as an alarm when it is needed and not all the time, could a shutdown be added through firmware?

WiFi devices as a rule of thumb are not low power ones. Therefore, your idea of disabling the sensor is peculiar and without a clue. Of course, you can add a power switch of one kind or another but believe me you don’t want to do that. When you do, you will be posting on this forum about the sensor’s problems with WiFi.
Replace DW2 with a Zigbee sensor such as SNZB-04. Low power, low bit rate, and intended use distinguish Zigbee network from a wireless WAN (WiFi). The battery will be good for many months, assuming the door is not constantly closed and opened. The entire system can be automated with scenes to suit the event scenarios of your needs. No need to unplug the power supply, add cables and flick switches.

Perhaps it can be added, but it doesn’t make sense. If you switch off wirelessly, how do you switch on wirelessly? Think!

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You can turn off the reaction to this sensor’s signal by deactivating the scene that it triggers wen opening the gate. But in my opinion, these sensors are a waste of time. I also liked them once but they quickly ended up in the trash… :slight_smile: