tH Elite default after automatic

At the end of an automatic period my TH Elite there should be a way to say the default should be the same as what it does after a power loss setting. I just used mine for a two hour period to guide heating my hot water tank and it carried on heating. I have Auto On as ‘off’. Have looked at the logs. It just finished what it was doing and stayed there. I like the automatic periods but would like to be able to control what it does after a period without having to remember to set an auto off. What is the automatic thing that’s turned off in auto mode: is it inching? If I turned that on would it automatically turn off after 5 minutes if I set that?

Also which devices use the cloud for automatic mode now?
If it includes the TH Elite maybe I should do it locally on my iHost? Is there a simple way to do that?
From what I can see the iHost is On/Off although can read the temperature and is manual only. Not that the iHost is very good on the small screen anyway, so there should be an option to run Automatic Mode on the TH Elite locally if there is an iHost on the local network. Would save you traffic and be more reliable.