Tap to perform overrides other scenes

I have a TH16 type switch on the roof that measures the water temperature of a solar water heater. The water heater has an electric heating resistance that can be turned on and off with a SONOFF POW R3 when the water is cold.

I have a scene that switches the heater off when the water temperature is above a certain level. When the water is hot, and the heater is switched on manually, it switches off immediately, which is the intended behavior.

When I create a “tap to perform” scene to turn on the heater manually, this scene, however is not triggered if the water is already hot, which causes problems. Any insight?


Do you want to be able to manually turn on POWR3 without turning it off even when the temperature is above the threshold?

The smart scene that detects water temperature through TH16 and turns POWR3 off is always running, so if you want to manually turn POWR3 on without being turned off, you can only disable the smart scene that detects temperature first.

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Thanks for thinking along. I would like the opposite. I would like to manually turn on the POW3 but have the smart scene that detects water temperature turn it off immediately when the temperature is too hot. It does that when switching on the POW3 from within the app. It does not do that when using a tap to perform type scene. Then it only turns off if newly triggered by a rise in temperature.