Compare temperature between two TH16

I have 2 TH16s with a temperature sensor. Can I create a scene where I compare the temperature between the 2 TH16s and activate 1 of them if the temperature of the second is higher? I couldn’t do it. Any suggestions, ideas?

NOT for now, the compared temperature is the one that the sensor monitored of ambient, not from other devices.

Would you please let us know why you have this feature request? Will evaluate it deeper.

I have a water heating system where I have a temperature sensor connected to 1 TH16 in the solar collector and another temperature sensor connected to the second TH16 inside the hot water box.
I need every 1 minute to check the temperature of the collector sensor and if the temperature of this sensor is higher than that of the box, then I activate the TH16 of the water tank and otherwise I turn off the TH16 of the water tank.

I think we should evaluate this feature, @natalia.long please add this request to the scenes feature request list.