Calibration feature for temperature and humidity sonoff th10/16

is there a calibration feature for sonoff th10/16 temperature and humidity?

No, may I know why you asking for this?

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I have 5 pcs th16s, and 3 of them have been installed 1 year ago, for the 3 th16 that have been installed 1 has a temperature difference of 2⁰ that’s a temperature difference that is too far, and 2 th16 have a temperature difference of 0.1 ⁰, for humidity very far from correct, which should be around 90%, in all three tools, 13%, 24%, 16%, far from accurate, better for perfection this tool th10/16 is given a calibration feature for temperature and humidity, so that the tool this can be useful, apart from sonoff I use a data logger temp/humd gsp 6 which can also be calibrated

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in th16 how can in save data in database
how can i download this data ?
(if i want to save temperature one per hour , and i need history )

There hasn’t calibration feature for TH devices, and I think the incorrect data is caused by the malfunction of the sensor plugin, have you try to re-plug them?

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the problem with the plugin function was the problem the first time I bought sonoff th16, if there is a problem plug in, the device can’t read temp / humd, and the problem is solved by enlarging the hole in the sonoff device, and the sensor jack can enter properly, I also use extension cable for th16, 1 extension cable (5 meters long) maybe 1 device I use 3 to 4 extension cables, my suggestion is to provide a calibration feature in the future, so that it can read temperature / humidity more accurately

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HI ewelink team,
I do demand a calibration feature , Request ewelink to add calibration features on th16 models , it would help us lot in using th16 module in commercial applications too ,
Please ask your R&D team to come out with this feature asap

We assume that we have 3 or more THRxxx devices with the same sensor, in the same place (physically next to each other, just for the sake of the test), with properly connected sensors… if they measure the same data, there is no problem, if not, they should be synchronized.

In other words, the difference between the measured and the displayed data should be equalized, not necessarily the device calibrated, so I think it would be sufficient to include a menu enabling the entry of a correction value among the device’s properties. This would make it possible to coordinate the displayed data with a calibrated and certified device, if someone wants it, and of course to take them into account in other applications…

Because as Murphy said: if you have two clocks, you never know what time it is :slightly_smiling_face:

For previous TH devices, the chips on it is not capable to do device calibration.
And just my opinion, it’s not a good solution that to calibrate the data on devices itself, but my curious is what/which sensor should the TH reference to for calibration?
Like @Gabba63 quote, " Murphy said: if you have two clocks, you never know what time it is"


I have the same options when i try to calibrate, but when i try to reduce the temperature, nothing happens i can increase the temp but not reduce? Anyone who has the same problem?