How often the data from the sonoff th16 temperature sensor is updated?

Hi. Can you tell me how often the data from the sonoff th16 temperature sensor is updated? Previously it was “on request”. I went to the ewelink application, updated it - the temperature has been updated. This is not happening now. Update (according to my observations) once every 1 hour.

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charts are updated every hour. the temperature of the sensor reacts almost immediately

Hey there, yep, we update the temp and humidity historical data every hour.

Hi, I think that is some problem with refreshing datas. When app is off datas are not refreshed. Even if I turn on app I have to wait I don’t know how long, every time different time. The scenes can not working properly if data are not refreshed. I did check this problem on my phone and web app.

Hi there, one refreshing mechanism for TH is that when you click on the the device tile on eWeLink App, the App sends commands to the cloud server to access the real-time data right away. The other mechanism is that when the data hits the threshold temp or humidity values you set, the cloud server accesses to the real-time data right away. In other words, the temp or humidity doesn’t refresh every second, so it might take a little time for the server to get the data from the device and then refresh the data in eWeLink app.

Yes but the question is how often ewelink algorithm send command to th server to get info? We have to options, one manually second automatically, and I mean this automatically options.

There is actually no fixed frequency for the App to send commands as it depends on how fast the temp or humidity changes. As mentioned before, the commands will be sent when the current temp or humidity hits the max. or min. values.