Si7021 & TH Elite at least 7deg F out?

Hi, anyone using the new SONOFF TH Elite Smart Temperature and Humidity along with the Si7021 therm/humid sensor ??

I was suspicious of the readings & fortunately i had 4 other electronic thermometers that are all different makes to test this out.

So i set up two new TH Elite & two Si7021’s & left for 1 hour & the temp readings were 84.6F & 85.3F an acceptable 0.7deg difference. I put 4 other sensors within 300mm of the sonoff units & left for one hour, & getting readings of 77.5F/76.6F/77.9F & 77.1F & these are exceptical of each other.

But Sonoff’s being 7deg F out from these is not exceptical on two separate units that are controlling temperatures on important things.

I also happen to be planning to buy a new TH,accuracy of reading is important.
What are the other sensors? How do you know SONOFF’s is inaccurate.

Hi, i have just ordered 2 of the older stat/humi sensors to see if it makes a difference. But i am now getting periods where it shows on the graph as nothing. If i unplug the sensor & plug it back in, it starts working. Defiantly not worth buying yet as not fit for purpose. I am sending my ones back.

You said. “How do you know SONOFF’s is inaccurate” Please read my 1st post.

waiting too long for a firmware update which can manually calibrate thelite temperature