Scene condition: compare value of two TH sensors

In summer: if external temperature is lower than internal temperature open ventillation HRV
In winter: if external temperature is lower then internal temperature close ventillation HRV

With actual conditions I have to compare with fixed values, would be great If I can compare values of two TH sensors to take action


Yea, we have received same request form other user, forward to @natalia.long please evaluate this feature with the software team.

Hi, Has there been any progress with this request? I need this same functionality, comparing the temperature readings from 2 sensors and making a trigger if one is greater than the other. At the moment I can only set an absolute value to make a trigger occur

Hi there, this feature has been added to our to-do list. We expect to roll it out in June. Please stay tuned.

Hi, do you have some news about this? I have some request as author.
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Hi there, this feature is already available to iOS V4.33. If you’re an Android user, you can expect it in early July.

By the way, you guys can keep an eye on the first pinned post in this forum. There is a sneak peek at the coming updates.

thank you ! I will wait :slight_smile:

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It’s now August, has this been added for Android users yet?

Hi there, Android users can access this feature since July.