TH sensors - Dew Point and Preservation Evaluation

Please consider introducing, in future FW versions, dew point and preservation evaluation for all TH sensors, in order to use these parameters as scene triggers


Thx for the suggestions! But I think it need to work with air pressure sensors?

You are right, but you can assume to use the standard pressure at sea level and putting a note about that

It should work, without proper accurancy.

Could you plz explain more about your automation ideas on the Dew Point triggers?

Hi, it is obvious that the best solution is to have a pressure sensor, in order to improve the accuracy of the calculated data, but in the absence of a pressure sensor the problem could be addressed in this way:
Barometric pressure is a data input, manually entered by the user for the location where the TH sensor is placed. The small range of pressure variation over time may not represent a real problem in terms of accuracy, due to the low sensitivity of the calculated data (dew point, risk of mold, metal corrosion, natural aging and mechanical damage) depending on the pressure.

The calculated data could be used in a scene as a trigger to activate a dehumidifier.

I hope I have clarified my idea of improving build automation


Thx for your detailed case, let me raise your needs to our product team.