TH16 in rules: Smarthings can do what ewelink app can't

Hi i’m using 2 th16 in my home
I want one master and one slave: when master is on, put slave on (and the same with off)
Ewelink app don’t offer th16 in “then” condition (only in “if”)
Smarthings does!
Do you think normal i have to use a concurrent app to do a such simple thing!!

Agree, that’s really frustrating.

our team is already working on this, expected available on the next version of the APP if things going well,
and the reason TH cannot be set as action of a scene for now is there may cause some conflicts with AUTO mode, which the feature widely used.

BTW, why are you using TH as ON/OFF swith instead of a BASIC one? would you please tell us the specific how they are used? appreciated.

thanks for the awesome information.