Add on and off feature for scene in POWR316D

Using POWR316D and POWR320D there is only an option for power greater than in the scene for this unit. It would be great if there was a power less than option to also turn something off.

@natalia.long please this feature request on the list, it’s useful.

Whem is this possible ?

Hey guies any update on adding this feature. I think it would be quite useful for all of us

Hi guys, we actually have brought this feature request to Sonoff team. Sonoff has evaluated it but they currently do not have plans to implement it. We think you guys can bring it to Sonoff’s attention again, and maybe they will re-evaluate it.

This is sad to hear, especially for those users who would use this function daily. For example, I would use these functions in the following way: I currently have my PV system connected to the POWR3, and I would like to configure scenes that when the solar production reaches certain values (for example 2000W), activate the devices that I want (for example the water heater), and if the solar production is reduced, at night or if it gets cloudy, turn off these devices to avoid consuming extra electricity, all this automatically. With the configuration that currently exists, it is not possible to do this (only turn on if it reaches a maximum value, but not minimum), and I think it is a change not very difficult to implement and would be very useful for users. This is just a small part of the things you could do with these implementations, I really hope they re-evaluate it.

Yea that is exactly what i am using it for but come to find out they only have the half of the features programed into the device. Very disappointed

Hi guys, we’ll add “when the power is less than X” to the Scene, and this feature is compatible with POW Elite and POW Origin. We’ll roll this feature out in August. Please stay tuned!

It’s good news for me today :blush:
Thanks and I’m looking forward moment when that’s will be ready