Sonoff POW Origin - Scene trigger on eWeLink app

Hello, I use a Sonoff Pow Origin to monitor the energy production of my PV solar system.
It works very well, I can see on the app the instant production (in W) and cumulated production (in Wh).

I would like to remote control a wifi smartplug (like Sonoff S26R2) based on instant production power value in watts, eg :

  • if power > 400, turn on smartplug
  • if power < 200, turn off smartplug

Unfortunately in eWeLink app the only trigger in scene editor for POWR316 device is ‘power >’ so I can turn on, but if power falls under 400, there is no way to turn smartplug off.

It would be a great feature to add a new trigger ‘power <’ = when power falls under a value to the scene editor for POW devices!


Hi there, when power>200, then turn on/off, it would require capacity from the hardware side. We will work with the firmware team for further evaluation.

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i also want this feature and ive ask around here and in fb sonoff support, they say its posible with any pow sonoff device, bought the s31 and s40 just to discover its not posible

  • if s31 power > 100, turn on s40 smartplug
  • if s31 power < 10, turn off s40 smartplug

that feature would be very usefull


I asked for the same on all powr devices. Very important for protecting other devices

ive read if you flash to a tasmota firmware it would be posible anyone tried or has a guide to set this up?

I am also curious if I can do this

hello, in the sonoff POW320D model it does allow the adjustment of the trigger above and below a power.

Same request here Add on and off feature for scene in POWR316D - #2 by yitie