Power Meter Scene Capability

Hi there,
Are there a sonoff power meter which I can use which have power <xxx in the if statement in the scenes?

Trigger as power<X is not supported in scenes now, we have learned the feature request and evaluating now.
@natalia.long @KenwesSvo

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please make this and on/off triggers to scenes like this one

use 2 sonoff device one acts as monitoring the other one as the switch

“If S31 Power>100W than S40 ON”
“If S31 Power<1W than S40 OFF”


Trigger as power>X is available on my pow elite, but not on my earu breaker with metering. Why?
And why not power<X also?


These features need support from the devices’ firmware.

Would you plz send over the device IDs for both so we can double-check scene trigger compatibility?

sonoff: 1001d4cd15

so if i have a rule like power>1000w turn off anothe device
how can the scene turn it back on if there is no power<x rule?

i try to add the condition if swith is off when no power is used on the other room then turn switch on, but you an’t use the same switch twice in one rule.


According to the device ID you provided, their firmware doesn’t support this feature.

If you are using other platforms like HA, there could be a less efficient workaround.

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i inderstand. how about a power<x rule for the sonoff devices?

That’s the same reason

there is a new firmware and i see the option for < and > so thanks to the sonoff team for adding that.
Maybe it was already done and a did’t update before.
Now i’ll try to talk to earu…