Sonoff POW Origin - Scene trigger on eWeLink app

Hello, I use a Sonoff Pow Origin to monitor the energy production of my PV solar system.
It works very well, I can see on the app the instant production (in W) and cumulated production (in Wh).

I would like to remote control a wifi smartplug (like Sonoff S26R2) based on instant production power value in watts, eg :

  • if power > 400, turn on smartplug
  • if power < 200, turn off smartplug

Unfortunately in eWeLink app the only trigger in scene editor for POWR316 device is ‘power >’ so I can turn on, but if power falls under 400, there is no way to turn smartplug off.

It would be a great feature to add a new trigger ‘power <’ = when power falls under a value to the scene editor for POW devices!

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Hi there, when power>200, then turn on/off, it would require capacity from the hardware side. We will work with the firmware team for further evaluation.

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