Switch SONOFF TX Ultimate

Is there any prediction or indication that Tx Ultimate will be released in the US version?

@Daniel_Zhan Do you have any infomation about that?

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Yes, it is on the way, expected to launch in July.


Excellent news. Thanks! :grinning:

Hi Daniel! @Daniel_Zhan

Do you know if the new TX ultimate US will look like the M5-120? Do we already have an available image? Is the release still scheduled for July? Will there be capes too?

Many questions lol

I have a problem with the TX switches in our bedroom. The blue lights are driving my wife mad at night. So can you recommend a way of turning the lights off or down or using a different type of ewe switch that does not have a light?

We are working on this product development and it will be available soon.
Expected at the end of July
You can submit your email here so you will be notified once the US version is released.

In app setting, you can turn off the bule led :grinning:

That’s the network indicator light? Yes got that one but sometimes your partner gets something in their head and it’s a bigger problem than it actually is. I was hoping the mechanical switches they sell might have done the trick but I think they have lights too. Plus they seem to be square and the TX are tall rectangle.
Thanks for replying.:+1:

@Daniel_Zhan Hello!!! too excited for Tx ultimate US. I saw that it will have a version with 4 buttons :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3: This is really good. I want one for my living room.

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How do you know that :wink:, seems something leaked :rofl:

I’m following everything lol. They posted a mini spoiler on Sonoff’s official Instagram. The Brazilian people almost had a heart attack with this news. Now only the switch with socket is missing.

Any update on the release date for the US version? waiting very eagerly!!!

We are working on the final optimization and I believe it will be launched in the second half of this month. Sorry for the delay.

The TX Ultimate US version is launched NOW!

Any luck with this ? I have the same problem. Those LED lights brighten up the whole room at night. The T1 series allowed you to turn the network indicator and LED light off but the the T3 only allows the network indicator to be turned off. @Daniel_Zhan pleaseeeee fix this. What date will it be fixed?


I would really appreciate this update as well. For me,
ideally the indicator lights could be on in the day and turn off at a set time but I’d be happy for them to be able to be turned completely off like the network status light.

It is possible to turn off the leds. It’s not obvious but in the customize section, you have to “deselect” the layout by touching it

See? No check at all anywhere.

Did anyone noticed an issue with the DND functionality on the TX Ultimate? It seems to doesn’t respect the schedule I configure in the app.
Can it be a timezone problem?
I didn’t find a way to check the device time settings.

No joy so far, I think it might somehow be a bigger thing than a programming change. Maybe they have taken their eye off the “older” switches in favour of new stuff. Pity if this is the case.