TX Ultimate and Led Strips (L2, L3 and L3-P)

Hi there!
First post on the forum but a quite few Sonoff devices around the house.
So far so good. Somehow I was able to get them working just the way I wanted.
Now I’m planning to get some Led strips for the kitchen cabinet. To create “mood”.
My main switch is the TX ultimate which is awesome and already controlling other lights via MiniR4.

My question is: Given that L2, L3 and L3-P led strips support wifi, ble and eWeLink, can I control them with the TX ultimate directly (for ON and OFF only) or I need to go always thru the app?

Share your knowledge, please!


Doubt solved.
As long as a sonoff device states that is eWeLink ready, it works just fine and with every other device.
"Works with everything ".
For my case, TX Ultimate controls directly the L3-P.