Request for Integration of Sonoff TX Ultimate with Home Assistant and eWeLink Web

I have been a loyal customer of Sonoff products for over seven years and have recently incorporated several TX Ultimate devices into my smart home setup. I was surprised and disappointed to discover that these devices are not currently supported by Home Assistant, which has led to a number of my automations being disabled.

As someone who relies heavily on Home Assistant for managing my smart home ecosystem, this lack of integration significantly impacts the functionality and convenience I’ve come to expect. Therefore, I am keen to know when support for the TX Ultimate series will be introduced in both the eWeLink web platform and Home Assistant.

The integration of Sonoff products with Home Assistant has always been a crucial feature for me, and I believe it enhances the value and usability of these devices for the wider smart home community. I respectfully request that efforts be accelerated to enable support for the TX Ultimate series as soon as possible.

Your prompt attention to this matter and a timeline for when we might expect this integration would be greatly appreciated. It is crucial for restoring the full functionality of my smart home automations and, I believe, beneficial for the satisfaction of the broader Sonoff and Home Assistant user base.

Thank you for your continued innovation and support.

Home Assistant is free and open-source software for home automation. It has nothing to do with the eWeLink brand. I think that you are directing the question about this integration to the wrong forum and the wrong address.
As far as the eWeLink web platform is concerned… well, it has many limitations and can indeed be annoying. Especially as it is a paid service. I expect the eWeLink staff to respond right after the Chinese new year.
By the way, Sonoff and eWeLink are not the same thing :sunglasses:

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Actually they do have something in common, the official Home Assistant add-on created by eWeLink.
You can find more info here: eWeLink connect to Home Assistant - eWeLink

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The home assistant addon created by ewelink

Add-on yes, but Home Assistant no. This add-on is a docker, the system code does not come from eWeLink. Most likely they have only done porting, i.e. similar to e.g. the docker for Diskstation. In both cases the Sonoff support is the same software from GitHub contributors.

Anyway :slight_smile:
I believe that someone from the eWeLink team will provide more info on this, Kareem.
And I agree, it would be great if we could control new Sonoff devices from Home Assistant via official integration, and eWeLink Web.
Also, if you want, you could test third-party Sonoff integrations, at least until we get something new from eWeLink.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

It would be great, it’s true. Unfortunately, the market for home automation equipment is highly fragmented. You cannot expect every manufacturer’s solution to be compatible with those of others. Sonoff or eWeLink are no exception, after all. Just visit the Tuya ecosystem forum, for example. Therefore, when planning to build a home automation system, it is worth considering the choice of devices. It’s also important to remember that there are hundreds of various products, and you don’t have any chance to test how everything works with everything. Then there is the issue of choosing between propriety (close) and open platforms. There is no need to go into overkill and make a tragedy out of it. Mankind has managed for thousands of years without automation in homes :grin:
In theory, Matter will solve these problems to a large extent. Theoretically, because so far it is not going very well. I know this from my own experience. I’m hoping it will develop and the manufacturers will abandon their old, egoistic habits.