eWeLink + opensource

Hello everyone.

Recently decided to make my home smart and after careful search I turned in the direction of sonoff / ewelink technologies for this.

I like set of features what ewelink platform delivers and I’m glad I decided to use it, but even pro version is still missing some very valuable features I’d like to have, like:

  • WebHooks in iOS app and sonoff NSPanel,
  • More advanced “if else” Conditions in scenes, similar to home assistant
    and many other things I’d like to be fixed.

I’m experienced software developer in iOS, web and backend areas with focus on high scale and availability, I totally understand that not everything can be easily done as well as feature pressure you have from all the customers.

But, I’d love to be able to fix some of things annoying me on constant base with eWeLink platform and think that not only my person will benefit from it.

I’d like to know what parts of eWeLink are open-sourced and if you have plans to open-source mobile apps and web version?

Have you tried using iHost with Node Red?

Hi, I didn’t, according to my research it won’t solve the issues in the iOS app and sonoff nspanel.

iHost has plugins both for iOS, homebridge, and NS panel. I haven’t tested them since I don’t own any iOS device nor any NS panel.

Far from I know, as i found out on their website at ewelink.cc, that eWeLink allow users to create webhook scene in their WEB version, and integrated with IFTTT to leverage more capabilities.

They have an open API for developers and opened the CUBE and NSPanel Pro APIs also, but i dont think they will make mobile App or the WEB version open-sourced.