Can Sonoff L2 Lite SmartLED Light Strip be added to iHost?

I have several Sonoff L2 Lite SmartLED Light Strips. Is there any way to add them to iHost?

Hi Rossi14, thank you for your interest.

I have checked L2 Lite SmartLED with SONOFF team, and it turns out L2 Lite doesn’t have “LAN control mode” which enables devices to be controlled within user’s home network (LAN, Local Area Network), in contrast to “eWeLink Cloud control mode” which sends all control commands through eWeLink cloud platform.

For providing higher protection of user’s privacy, the “eWeLink Smart Home” AddOn which imports eWeLink supported devices (including SONOFF ones) to iHost currently only supports devices with “LAN control mode” enabled.

Yes, the L2 strap uses bluetooth for “activation” and then connects to the network.
Is there no possibility of a solution (including a future one) via the SONOFF Bridge or some additional BT module? I apologize for the layman’s view of the issue.
It would be a shame not to implement these LED strips in iHost, many users use them throughout the house as backlight.

Hello, how are you?
Sorry, but the strip connect to Alexa use the wifi.