Just got my iHost and totally disillusioned

Just got my iHost yesterday and have spend a lot of time trying to make sense of it. It has imported my sonoff light switches. I can control my lights switches from iHost and they still work with Alexa as before.
However I have sonoff smart sockets that work perfectly through ewelink and alexa. But if I install them into ihost they vanish from ewlink and no longer work with alexa. So what is the point of it?
You either continue with alexa and it’s main limitation or go with ihost and can only control your devices through ihost!
Either I am completely missing something very obvious or ihost is not worth the time and money.

I had mistakenly thought that as long as my devices were zigbee they would work. However I now know that they must be ‘Lan control’ enabled’. This fact was not made very clear and I only found out by a chance look in a forum.
I can find no work around for this which makes virtually all of my devices redundant ‘IF’ I choose to stick with ihost.
I am unable to find details on any compatible plugs from sonoff which seems very strange when a company is trying to launch a product which could be a sector leader. I would have expected there would be more information about any options available to loyal sonoff customers.
I can only wait possibly, in vain, for some prospect of a work around.