Sonoff TX Ultimate / T5-xC-86 no neutral required (no null required)

Hi Dears,

I recently installed the Sonoff TX Ultimate / T5-2C-86, which required me to fit a neutral wire into the wall copex — a task that proved quite challenging.
Therefore, I’m curious to know if you’re considering releasing a version of the Sonoff TX Ultimate / T5-xC-86 that doesn’t require a neutral wire in the near future. If so, could you share a potential release timeline?

I’ve noticed there are practical examples showing this is possible, like the one in this video: []. Furthermore, I see that your competitors, like Tuya, already offer a no-neutral solution.

I’m eager to learn about any plans you might have regarding this feature.

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Given the features implemented in the TX Ultimate, a similar device without full power (L + N) is unlikely to be expected. There is simply no way around the problem of power requirements.
The video from the inserted link shows an example of a rather pathetic wiring, potentially dangerous and risky. With the TX Ultimate this idea will certainly not work.
If you are keen to stay within the eWeLink ecosystem and at the same time are prepared to give up the advanced fancy features offered by TX, I recommend two solutions:

  1. WiFi based Single Live Wall Switch or L-Only WiFi Switch Relay Module

  2. Zigbee based ZBMINI Extreme Zigbee Smart Switch

I’ve been using two Switch Relay Modules successfully for over a year in places where N is not available and where getting a cable in is problematic. One sits in the fixture taking up really little space. The other is housed in a box. It fits seamlessly under a switch with a shallow mechanism depth or if the box is deep (60 mm). It was used to maintain design consistency with other switches and outlets in the location.
The ZBMINI-L2 from Sonoff, on the other hand, is a truly unique, well-conceived little devil. Except that it requires a Zigbee bridge to operate.

Thank you for sharing the information.

I’m eagerly anticipating the roadmap for the TX Ultimate, as its features, design, and functionality surpass anything currently available for non-neutral solutions. The video can be interpreted in various ways, but it highlights a potential advancement. I’m confident that Sonoff aims to lead in innovation and profitability, and I believe they would integrate such a feature if feasible, ensuring higher quality and safety than any other product out there.

I appreciate the suggestion of the WiFi Switch Relay Module as a good alternative.

Regarding the 7x ZBMINI-L2 units I own, while they serve as a backup for the TX Ultimate, their inability to function in a two-way mode and the need to enlarge the wall opening for installation are significant drawbacks. Ideally, I’d prefer to replace these with the TX model if a no-neutral option becomes available.

Modifying the way the currently available TX U is powered is not physically an option. So don’t count on any changes in this respect. As I mentioned, given the functionality I strongly doubt that Sonoff will produce a TX U equivalent that does not require an L + N power supply.

What do you have in mind? What ‘enlarge’ are you referring to? The ZBMINI-L2 fits into a standard European box under the switch without any problem. Unless, of course, you have a tangle of wires and, on top of that, a switch with an above-average depth. In such a situation, installation is difficult even without the ZBMINI-L2. Simply replace the box with a deep one or the one you see in the attached photo.
I believe that as many as 3 ZBMINI-L2 may well fit into such a box :tipping_hand_man:

This is what we have as standard in EU:


Only 45 mm inside.

And considering that these are inside the wall, it will be messy to replace these with other.

I live in EU and I see certified boxes in shops. They’re different flavours of them. Go and ask yourself.
Most commonly used 1/2-gang European standard flush mounted boxes for European switches and sockets. Products are available in 2 depth variations:

  • 40mm (for socket/switch only)
  • 60mm (socket/switch + additional components e.g flush mounted dimmer) if more space is required.
    SE2x60 and SE2x60G (like the one on the picture I attached) boxes are prepared to mount specialized electric and electronic devices. The inside was widened to make it possible to put extra elements next to the built-up collar of a box of a steering device. There is also a possibility to use the whole interior of a box for putting different devices in it.

German offer
French offer
Polish offer
Czech offer

I’m based in the EU as well and am aware of the wide range of variations available in stores, with even more options from what you just shared.
I could share additional photos of different models, but my focus isn’t on these variances.
Despite the availability of solutions for ZB mini, given the challenges of replacing what’s already installed in our walls to fit these, I’m not considering these options. This is because ZB mini lacks the functionalities provided by TX Ultimate.

What I’m really seeking is an official response regarding the inclusion of a ‘no neutral required’ feature for TX Ultimate in the product roadmap.

Modifying the way the currently available TX U is powered is not physically an option.

Contrary to what you might assume, I grasped your perspective from the outset, and there’s no need for repetitive comments.

I am now awaiting an official response, assuming Sonoff is inclined to provide one.

There’s no need for repetitive remarks on Sonoff’s roadmap.

Well, I havent seen Sonoff to answer something, so there is a need from me.
While I was responding to you, therefore for your messages there is no need for repetition.