TX Ultimate 2C stairway / 2-way

I replaced 2 standard switches with one sonoff TX Ultimate 2C and installed another identical one at the end of the room to function as a typical stairway switch.

It was only connected to electricity and was supposed to run through the created scenes in the cloud in both directions.
So, activating the main switch was supposed to activate the second one - so I could turn off the light there and vice versa

In theory it worked, in practice too, but only for 1 day… and then it either worked or not, sometimes I turned on the light and the second switch (the one without a physical connection) responded immediately, sometimes after a while, sometimes after 5 minutes… and sometimes only when I launched Ewelink on my mobile phone and clicked 10 times in the app, they suddenly started communicating with each other…

Internet connection is good.
Pressing the switch manually, the application immediately shows that it has been turned on/off, but the scene that was supposed to activate the second switch does not allways work - both ways.

I don’t know what to call it, I have the impression that the switch goes into some kind of sleep mode and is difficult to wake him up.

Any suggestions? (sorry for my english - most goolge translator) :slight_smile:

May i know the settings of the scene in detail?

Topic can be closed, after 2 days of problems with switches and writing this topic, the problem solved itself. Apparently it was either an internet or cloud issue, I don’t know. Since then everything has been working perfectly.