Connection possibilities

I want to buy several like this one T2 EU wall switch Sonoff | Wifi + RF | Interrupteur double | Blanc | Sonoff | Wi-Fi + RF | Commutateurs tactiles | sonoff

can you tell me if it is possible to make the following connection?
a) one wired button will turn on and extend a bulb
b) the other button via wi-fi (or rf) will connect to another switch on a button to hear or turn on the light

please look at the picture, maybe it’s clearer


In theory that would be possible with the help of scenes although the right light of the left switch won’t get synchronized with the switch on the right because the light is about the local relay.

You might want to have a look at the DUALR3 in combination with normal switches. The you don’t have lights in the switches itself which looks more classy in my opinion.

Yes you can, and not just with two but with as many as you have and want, but you have to setup scenes.

Thank you very much for your answers.
If I have understood correctly, the only problem that could occur is the delay, i.e. the lamp does not turn on automatically when the switch is pressed.

The delay mostly won’t be noticeable. Maybe some microseconds or so. Are you must live in an area with bad internet connections or bad local network. Then an iHost might be a solution for you that handles everything locally. But be aware the iHost is in its early stage and currently has a limited feature set.

thank you very much