Hello, i’v got a quick question.
So, im making my girlfriend room “smart”. To do this i have bought google nest, yeelight bulb and smart switch by sonoff. All of above work perfectly fine but i want to make her main room light smart. My plan was to buy smart wall switch by sonnoff (WiFi T0 EU TX 2).

My question is - will i be able to bind one of smart wall switch to controll devices that arent connected phisicly - in my case Sonoff S26 R2.

Wall switch has 2 switches and i want one to controll ligth using wires and other to be vitual switch that controll smart socket by wifi.

Is that possible just using app or will i need some sort of external conntroller.


If I understand correctly, you sure can. I’m using the “B” side of an NS Panel to do that same thing. The “A” (Left) side is physically connected to the ceiling light, but the “B” (Right) side isn’t connected to anything, so I created a scene in the eWeLink App to use the right button to turn on the ceiling fan which is connected to a 4-gang relay in my case, but you shouldn’t have any issue doing the same thing for a S26.

Yes, you can, with one or two scenes you can make the switch interact with the s26. Another thing is that you need to have the two phases L and N in the switch box to feed it.