Wireless WiFI wall switches without a neutral wire

Hi, does anybody have any information on the avability of the Smartwise Wifi light switches that as I understand were supposed to be available some time in Q1 2024?

I’m referring to products such as this one:

SmartWise T4 EU 1C UNI (R3)

They only seem to have the 4 gang version, already tried their contact form and got no response which isn’t particularly impressive.

Note I am specifically looking for the items that work without a neutral wire at the wall switch itself.

Firstly, it is not a Sonoff product. You are asking on the wrong forum. Secondly, many similar devices have long been offered by various manufacturers. Some of them are clones of Sonoff and work with the eWeLink platform. There are also devices from other manufacturers with eWeLink firmware. Be aware that many are for different platforms and will not work with eWeLink.
As far as WiFi touch switches are concerned, N-less powering is problematic and causes all sorts of problems. I understand that you are looking for these because the installation in your house is an old system. Instead of WiFi, I would suggest choosing Zigbee switches. This is where N-less devices perform differently. In short, most regular Zigbee 3.0 switches will work with eWeLink if you use a compatible bridge.

Jam3, appreciate your opinion but that’s not on topic.

Not looking to get into a discussion of what’s best for my use case, simply want to get product availability information. I have a SOHO mesh wifi system at home so not concerned about WiFI performance vs anything based around Zigbee etc.

As the products are sold on the eWelink online store this seems a reasonable forum to raise this and I see other queries here for other Smartwise products as well.

eWeLink does not make or sell end devices. Please contact the vendor for availability information.

For a product that’s sold on the eWelink store:


I can’t engage in a discussion here?

Per my original post I already reached out to the store itself and no response.

I thought this forum was for discussions around devices that work with the eWelink apps & ecosystem, am I missing something?

Also why has my topic been unlisted?

As I mentioned above, eWeLink does NOT sell end products but provides solutions to manufacturers. We do not have information on such product availability, it’s up to the vendors.

The forum is about eWeLink but your post is more about a specific product, which neither we nor other users here might know much about.

Like, you can barely get answers from Apple Official Forum about the availability of a HomeKit product selling on sites like HomeKitStore.com

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With respect, that’s your opinion.

Other users here may well have relevant information about such an item.

Or they may suggest alternatives that work with WiFI and do not require a Neutral wire.

Respectfully I would ask my post be relisted unless I have contravened a condition of the forums T&C’s.

Fair point; I apologize for my rudeness.

Relisted as you wish.


To clarify further, open to suggestions for wireless wall switches using WiFI, that can work with the eWelink app/ecosystem, without a neutral wire at the switch and that are reasonably available.

Preferably with a black glass fascia.

You’re welcome.

Yes, you are.

This site has nothing to do with the eWeLink brand that, by the way, does not manufacture any hardware. Why this Hungarian business is named “eWeLink Store” remains a mystery. You may want to ask eWeLink guys about it, right @ward?


I have a supplier that does the Eachen WiFi wall switches. Works with eWeLink. I’ll send a product image.

There is black, gold and white in various gangs.

Where are you based? You can email me on alex@muther.co.za (Smart Home online store in SA)

PS, no neutral required.

What is the name of the manufacturing company? Only available in SA?

I’m not sure. Where are you based?

Eachen is the brand