TX ultimate led

my question is is it possible to adjust the brightness of the ambient backlight

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The adjustment of the brightness of an ambient backlight, such as the one in the TX Ultimate LED, typically depends on the specific features and controls offered by the device. Many ambient backlight systems come with adjustable settings through dedicated controls or remote control. Users can usually increase or decrease brightness levels to suit their preferences. However, the exact method and range of adjustment may vary between different models and brands. Refer to the user manual or product specifications for detailed instructions on how to adjust the brightness of your TX Ultimate LED ambient backlight.

I hope the information may helps you.

thank you for the answer, but it didn’t help me much, I tried remote controls from sonoff, which are for other devices, but it didn’t help, if you’ve already used the given switch, you can adjust the brightness in the ewelink app only when one or more channels are turned on or off, adjusting the ambient brightness there is no light anywhere, I can also send a video if anyone would like, basically the ambient light is unusable at night as it shines with great brightness

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I agree with you.
On TX Ultimate, all led have intensity control except the Ambient light. In fact the ambient light is so bright that if you leave it on for the night, like intended, the face of the switch gets warm to the touch.
Definitely a must have attending the level of customization this switch already hss.
Think about this Sonoff team!

Agree. it will be great to control brightness and color also.

Sonoff, please update software!