[IDEA] Sonoff TX Extreme / T5-xC-86

I just received a Sonoff TX Extreme 2-gang (T5-2C-86) to test. I’m quite impressed of the TX Extreme / T5 switch, but there is room for improvement. My suggestions:

  • The current nightlight option is way to bright. Allow the Ambient light mode to be configurable: brightness, colors, custom animations, etc. For me the brightness and color of the steady nightlight is the most important.
  • Maybe a remark somewhere that there are swipe left-to-right and swipe right-to-left actions that can be used in scenes? Or even make some kind of link to the scenes screen or so?
  • Option to have a constant network indicator at the left and/or right side. Maybe also center top/bottom as option too. Default to blue at 50% brightness or so. Ability to adjust the brightness and change the color. For me network indicators on all other Sonoff devices can sometimes be very handy. Not only when there is a network outage.

I’m curious for other ideas from others too.

Hi joennuh, thanks for the great ideas!

Since these are more hardware related, I’d like to involve Daniel @Daniel_Zhan from Sonoff team to look into these features.

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Thanks for your feedback, we will take your request into account and evaluate the feasibility.

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