South African Load shedding

Hello all, here in South Africa we have a power crisis and we have no electricity for up to 10 a day somethimes.
Like many others we have gone solar power route, here I need you help, we need a scene designed to help shuttle my under floor heating load when im running on inverter and battery.
I need a scene that when triggered will operate 5 or 6 wifi switches in a 15 min sequence, so once load shedding happens the trigger operate and my heating circuits are powered one at a time for 15 mins each rotating between the 5 or 6 wifi controlled switched so 1 on 15 mins then off then 2 on for 15mins then off then 3 of for mins then off then 4 on for 15 mins then off then 5 on 15 mins then off then 1 on for 15 mins and so on and so on.

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Will discuss the solution with our team first and get back to you later.

This is a workaround that should works theoretically, but don’t tested, i think you can count on a device called Pow Elite. When it detects the power lower than a certain value, triggers the action(This feature will be available since V4.35). Generally speaking, when an outage occurs, the power is very low.

With such a device, you can create a scene like this:

When the power is lower than x,
Turn on switch A
Delay for 15 mins
Turn off switch A
Turn on switch B
Delay for 15 mins
Turn off switch B
Turn on switch C
Delay for 15 mins
Turn off switch C
Turn on switch D
Delay for 15 mins
Turn off swtich D
Turn on switch E
Delay for 15 mins
Turn off swtich E

Many many thanks guys…

To activate the sequence we use a SONOFF mini.

The power to the mini comes from the inverter, a simple mail coil relay goes across the incoming mains and one NO contact to the switch input on the mini.

When the mains fails the mini sees the relays state of change.

Many many thanks again

Jim Cope

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Go and look at the url at They have software that does exactly what you want to do, create scenes etc.


I’m from Pretoria and have setup nodered with integration to sonoff devices as well as my inverter. I’m running a couple of rules to manage as per your suggestiong. DM me, and I can explain what I’ve done.

Hi Jim,

There is a Load shedder kit from Sonoff. I am a reseller. It does exactly what you are after. Call me. 081 390 8907. I’m Benoni based.

I’m about the launch an online Home Ai store called

…watch this space,

But for now get in touch with me for pre sales.

Hi All. Most grid-tied inverters have a contactor switch-over to control switching between the inverter and the grid. I connected a NO (normally open) dry contact from the relay controlling the contactor to the no-power (grey contacts) on my Sonoff Mini. This Mini give me a reliable state (grid on or grid off) that I then use in smart scenes to control other Sonoff devices controlling pumps, geysers etc. - If Grid Power = off, then … trigger scenes to power off devices

Ah, very nice. Sounds like a simple and effective solution. I’d like to find out more! Here’s my number for WhatsApp 0813908907. I’m about to launch a Home AI online retail store, but more than that, a local community where ideas are shared…no proprietary rights, just smart ideas for the learning and betterment of man and improving life?!

That’s one of them you’ve done! KISS