Power On status as per Schedule


I live in a country where there are a lot power outage.
I have scheduled my basic Sonoff swithes.

When power comes back, I need Sonoff device to check the schedule 1st before setting its on/off status to Off or On or Last state. Therefore one more option of “Follow Schedule” should be added in power on state area.

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I wrote to sonnoff and ewelink about this two years ago but got no support. :frowning:

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This is actually a hardware capability. I think you guys can bring it to Sonoff team’s attention again.

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Hey man,

Sounds like you live in SA.

Yes, it is definitely a down for a smart home when having power issues. Lights remain on, or off…pumps etc… It’s a huge problem

Sonoff :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:

Schedules, scenes need to backdate themselves and ‘acrivate’ once power is restored!

The power up state is a winner :muscle:t3:

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I think the iHost could solution ??

Do multiple iHosts in an environment create its own mesh?

How do we do that?