Power On state for sonoff LED strips & Bulbs

Is it possible to add a Power On State for the Sonoff LED L2 strips and the Sonoff B02F bulbs?

Currently, when theres a power failure and power comes on at 2am then all lights automatically turn on.

Agrre this need to be fixed, there is a similar request posted a few month ago:

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I think it will make it difficult to set them to pairing mode then as you can’t see whether it reacts correctly to turning the normal light switch off and on.

Hi Maathuis,
It is like this already.
I’ve got the sonoff wall switches and it is not synced when power goes back on. Wall switch off, lights on.
I’d rather push the wall switch twice than have the lights come on at 2am.

It was about Ledstrips and lightbulbs as the topicstarter indicated. For wall switches a power-on state could be usefull as entering the pairing mode isn’t indicated by the lightbulb. Instead pairing mode on a eWeLink compatible lightswitch is indicated by its onboard leds.