B05-BL-A60 bulb

I have three B05 sonoff bulb and when we have power cuts and the power comes back on my smart lights goes on in the middle of the night.
I suggest to add in the ewelink app “startup state” option.


Hi there, thank you for your suggestion. In the eWeLink app, there is an option to set the “Power-on State” for some devices in Device Settings page. Users can set the power-on state as “Turn off” that the device will be turned off after power is restored. However, I checked the documentation, and it seems that the B05 Sonoff bulb currently does not support this feature. To implement this functionality, a new firmware version needs to be released, which is done by the SONOFF team. I will escalate your request to the SONOFF team for consideration. Thank you for your understanding.

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I encounter a similiar problem. I want the bulb to get on after load shedding, but only after a certain time. Currently I have to define the exact time in the scene. What I would like to see are 2 things:

  1. The scene should have a option before or after a time
  2. The time should be possible to be specified as sundown or sunrise depending on the current location.

Could you enable this for the smart bulb as well? Because it automatically turns on during the daytime when the power goes out and comes back. I have dozen of bulbs and having this issue

Hello there I am also facing same issue

Or INCHING OPTION should be welcome. after a POWER LOSS all bulbs turn on. If they were off after a time period shuold be optimal

So many months later and Inching mode, Power on state, still hasn’t happened and probably won’t happen soon, unfortunately.

@Daniel_Zhan Any firmware update plan for this device? Or the feature is already there in the hardware/firmware, needing support from the eWeLink side?