Sonoff L1 returns on when there is a power outage

Whenever there is a power outage the led ribbon sonoff L1 returns on.

It would be great if this device had a Power on State option.


Request received, we will check if the chipset is qualified to implement power-on state feature, loops our tech team @Daniel_Zhan.

Hello, any news about this issue?

Thank you

It is an frustrating issue indeed. The same issue applies to many eWeLink compatible lightbulbs including the new B05-BL-A60 and B02-BL-A60.

What actually happens is the L1 comes back on MUSIC mode and ON, so the ligth start flashing in all colors. Something similar happens with the L2 controller after coming back from power outage.

This can be fixed from the device or have the cloud service fix the configuration of the device after coming back from power outage.

Sorry for bumping this old post but is there any chance to have the Power State feature on L1 models?

Hi there, actually it’s the Sonoff team who decides the features added to L1. You can directly reach out to Sonoff via and bring it to their attention.