Sonoff L2 - RGB strip controller - default state?

This device needs a default state option in its config…

We have power outages - and its annoying that its default state is on - so when the power comes back - its lighting up the room for no reason…

Hi there, currently, some of our devices have the “Power-On state” feature, but as you mentioned, it’s not supported on the SONOFF L2 RGB light at the moment. I will escalate your request to our team, and we hope to have this feature available for the SONOFF L2 RGB light in the next 1-2 months.

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legend! that would be amazing…

is it not maybe an idea to have a standard feature set as a base for any switchable device?

the ability to alert on anything being offline would be something handy too, etc etc - I am sure there are a couple of things that would be awesome to know will always be there if you buy a device.

For certain new features, the support may not be consistent across all devices. This is because the eWeLink app gradually adds support for different devices, and our development team needs to work on them individually. We appreciate your understanding.

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Much appreciated.
it would also be handy to be able to display the RGB strip as a light - again would be helpful when addressing it via google home, etc etc :slight_smile:

The “Display As” feature allows users to choose how a device is represented within the eWeLink app. However, it does not affect how the device appears when synced with Google Home or other platforms.

ah ok - that was what I was talking about in the other forum entries though…

eg - iFan light comes up as a light…
why could we not set that on a per switch / per device basis? This would have serious ease of use / user experience improvements :slight_smile:

Hi !! I was about to ask the same question, is there any update on this upgrade ?? thanks !!