Push notification on Power On state


I live in a country where there are alot power outage.
I need Sonoff device to send Push notification the moment the electrcity comes back to the Sonoff device example MiniR2 or Sonoff switch device.
I have set Power Last State to On.
But when electricity comes back to the Sonoff device it does not notify me on the phone.

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That’s make sence, thanks for the idea.
Let’s find out how to push notifications properly when power-on state is active.


Thank you!

Evaluated the feasibility quickly, and there is no separate notifications for the power-on state, need supporting from firmware to achive this, still need dig deeper.

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Ohh I wish you can find a work around! I rely on it to know if there is electicity back home or not.
I hope you find a solution

Hi Yitie,

Maybe you can develop a feature that when the device becomes visible (not offline) on the ewelink app it will send a push notification.
When the device is offline it becomes Grey, and when it comes online it becomes available. Maybe in that time when it becomes not grey the app will send push notificiation.

Or when the status of the device becomes (Green) as when I turn the lamp on it becomes geeen from offline state it will send push notifiation but this way I have to put the last power state to On.

Those are just my ideas.


Let’s dig deeper, here are some consideration,

For now, notifications are triggered by devices (firmware) when the status changed, all these are on-line demand, while power is down actually the device are not able to send any data to trigger any action or notification,
In this case, the judgement need to be done by APP, but it will rise another issue that may confuse users, it’s hard to tell power down between off-line, those are the same Grey form the view of APP.

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Hello Yitie,

I noticed that when the power is off the device ( example due to power outage) the status is “offline” displayed on the App. When there is a power on the Device and the lamp is Off it displays “Off” on the device.
I dont know if you can trigger the App for push notification when it goes from “offline” to “off” or “on”.

Sceenshots attached:

Same concern here,
In this case, the judgement need to be done by APP, but it will rise another issue that may confuse users, it’s hard to tell power down between off-line, those are the same Grey form the view of APP.

Hi Yitie,

Back again, is it possible if the device is hidden and becomes online to send a push notification? Could this be done?

I have power-on state always on for Sonoff Basic that will always turn on Water Heater when power AC line is restored due to alot of power cuts in my country.
I am always failing to know when power is restored and the devices becomes available from hidden mode. I hope its doable with a push notification.

Thank you

Hi leblinux, we have launched a feature named “offline alert” for some supporting devices, it works like this “When the device has gone offline for five minutes, it will push notification to inform you”, check it here What's new in eWeLink App V4.23 - eWeLink

I think you should set the power-on state as OFF or Keep for energy saving for now, and we’ll going deeper with the ONLING notification.

thank you Yitie, I will try it and let you know.

I hope it supports my Sonoff Basic device, however I am not able to see the new update on Apple Appstore.

The IOS version of eWeLink App V4.23 will be released at the end of June, so you can’t see the updated version now.

thank you Stephen!

iOS version of the APP V4.23 delay to mid of July, some new features will take more time to integrated.

Hi Yitie,

I got an update on the Appstore today

Hi Yitie,

I noticed that the Offline Alert option will alert you after 5 minutes, any reason why the 5 mins?

Is there an option to adjust it up to seconds?


Yeah, We finished ahead of schedule.

The consideration of this 5 MIN setting is that the router often switches channels to ensure that it works in the best band, and when the router switches channels, the IoT device often drops out and comes back online, this switching time is usually tens to hundreds of seconds, if the notification is made as soon as it drops out, it will cause harassment, so to avoid unnecessary disturbance, we set offline 5 minutes for offline notification.

Thank you Yitie it worked!

Is it possible to add an Online Alert which all is what I needed :slight_smile:


Haven’t find a proper way yet, keep digging.